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Word. The Crystal Star, anyone?

Oh lord. That one...and New Rebellion, Darksaber, and Children of the Jedi..Black Fleet Crisis...There are a bunch that were crap

Shadows of the Empire was pretty good though. I liked the Academy trilogy for the most part...

Both X-Wing series, Rogue and Wraith were awesome because it showed you could have a good story even if the main characters from the movie had little to no involvement in it. Same for I, Jedi. You notice in these stories Horn never saved the galaxy, just did his job on a small scale. Tarvona was never a major player in galactic affairs., just an Intelligence Op trying to hold on to her power.

Actually I think they need to stop focusing on Han, Luke, and Leia...Not every book has to revolve around them.

Which is why I hope they kill Luke in the Fate of the Jedi arc.