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If I pay in $ it's $29,99 - In Eu 26,99 = $35,58 - In 18,99 = $25,06
Maybe I misunderstand something? Because I think $35,57 is to much.
Because exchange rates move from day to day. Unless a company wants to bill everyone in dollars and leave the headache to the customers, then all they can do is pick a number in euro and pounds that is close to the dollar equivalent (or close to where they think its going to be for the next year or two).

As for why the euro cost is more expensive and the pound cost less, specifically? Because the euro has been tanking for a little while now, the dollar is looking a bit shaky due to US domestic political wrangles and the pound is currently benefiting from not being the dollar or the euro.

If you're in the eurozone and don't like the way the exchange rate is shaping up, you need to take that up with your national government and not Bioware
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