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i dunno if its because of the authors, the setting, or what. i dunno what to blame this on. but almost all of the stuff that takes place after return of the jedi is just... so bad. confusingly bad.

really i think it sucks because it takes the best parts of the star wars movies (the story of darth vader, the triumph of good over evil, the smashing of the tyrant) and just... completely erases all of that. vader's sacrifice becomes utterly meaningless, palpatine is reborn and there are thousands of sith lords, the outgrowth of the Rebellion's ideals is smashed.

and then the yuuzhan vong!?

also - another huge reason the EU is difficult to accept is because every single author/writer/whatever wants their main character to be the hero of star wars. which is fine, who wouldnt want their protagonist to be an epic hero?

but when everyone does that, the collective quality of the setting is dragged down because theres a giant disconnect between millions of regular characters and thousands of super-charged heroes. so many authors try to one-up the latest hero or the latest villain and it just becomes silly and farcical.

your sith lord can blow up stars? my sith lord can EAT stars!

your superweapon can blow up planets? my superweapon can blow up SOLAR SYSTEMS!

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