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I think one problem with the dark direction things have taken stem from the Legacy era comic books. They were only set a hundred some odd years after Return. Now they are trying to tie events together that lead up to that storyline, since they are real big on the continuity thing.

Personally, I liked the direction NJO took the series. You are right, we knew by the end of the book or trilogy it would be a happy ending. And that is boring! I actually like the movies where the hero dies at the end, it is a change from the tired formula. It is probably why I can bear Revenge more than the other two PT's. Having permanent loss made the stories less shallow, imo. I hated that Lucas ordered them to kill Anakin Solo, but Star by Star was probably the best book in the series.

But yeah, i actually hope the Fate series is where Luke finally dies. Abeloth is the perfect character to kill the most powerful Jedi Master ever known. I am guessing he will sacrifice himself to actually kill her, something her prisoners could not accomplish.