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It does suck to have to fully commit to a tree for 2ndary benefits like HD. I agree that if BW wants you to fully commit 31 pnts then the top tier tree feat better be worth it!

Its somewhat sad that BW has decided to follow WoW's lead instead of breaking new ground!
Tough track to walk... Think about the funding wow has put into refining the mmo genre. Not much more new ground to break.

I think by making this game have interactive story modes over the internet is pretty new stuff.

As for gameplay... if Blizz has spent millions if not billions on refining the game why not just "borrow" that expertise rather than funding all that money yourself...

Makes sense. Now they will tweak it to fit their game. Problem is too many people don't like different. They complain and say they want it but deepdown... they don't.

The changes have to be slow or the player base will drop. Time will tell.

It boils down to comfort. If people arent comfprtable playing the game they will leave, people are comfortable with wow. If they changed to fast people will get uncomfortable and leave.
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