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Its much easier to balance the game when they know there is only 3 viable builds for each advanced class.s that the devs missed, and that has the chance to cause im balance.

Like DPS specs running around in dark charge. They have DPS talants, and a tanks def. Its un balanced. Im not saying deception doesnt need more survivability. They do. But not that much.
About 3 builds part - yes its simplier but I dont want to pay for a simple game with star wars theme where I get pidgeon-holed into one of just 3 (in 1.1.0 we have much more than 3 effective specs to play) specs.

Dark charge was somewhat imba with dmg specs but there are few buts:
1) Dark charge without DD gear spec is useless in PvP as tank stats dont work. I think it would be better if they payed attention to that.
2) Other stances die too fast and die horribly.
3) There are other ways to nerf dark charge DD specs without castrating the hybridness of a class.
4) Ever seen "assassin R imba" threads? Then why the nerfing?

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considering wow is the best, most balanced and most polished mmo out there its not a bad thing to get compared to it i would say.
Considering that its another MMO people can go and play instead, and that many people are tired of WoW and want to see something new...

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You have more choice in this game than you think. Go play WoW then come ***** about choices.
If the hybrid nerf trend is going to continue we will have the same WoW "31 or suck" thing in SWTOR...
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