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12.15.2011 , 12:50 AM | #31
First of all, the Brotherhood of Darkness was not weak, it was very strong, it had complete control over everything but the galactic core and was set to take them with overwhelming force.

Then Darth Bane comes along with a rule that screams idiocy, by definition of being only two the Sith are extremely vulnerable as soon as they reveal themselves, it's all well and good having a galactic empire and being most powerful Sith, but when you get thrown down a reactor shaft by your own redeemed apprentice, there goes that Rule out of the window, because it just ended with only about 35 years of galactic domination.

This argument that the Sith are weakened by greater number of Dark Side force users has been proven wrong by the Sith Empire, headed by an Emperor whom has ruled for longer than the Banite Sith have been in existence, his Dark Council members are all very powerful Sith themselves as far as we have seen, then we have even more numerous powerful Sith Lords leading the Empire's armies.

Accumulated the Sith Empire's force prowess far outmatches the Banite Sith at any point of there tenure, now yes, they may not have the most powerful Sith, Lord Sidious, but their sheer number still takes the cake in my eyes.