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Yes, the EU has lost its way, and that's not to say there wasn't a load of garbage back in the day as well. But I wholeheartedly agree that the latest stories have gone so obnoxiously emo that I'm tempted to slit my wrists before my favorite characters do.

The fundamental problem with EU books nowadays is they're these multi-book, multi-year sagas that trust the storyline they're pushing is entertaining enough to read 10+ books on it.

When they used to stick to the no-more-than-trilogy format, if you found a crap book or series, it wasn't long until another came along to save you from your despair. But when you get something like Fate of the Jedi (which is the series that has caused me to officially give up and stop reading Star Wars books), you're screwed for several years.

I miss Zahn's books. And Stackpole's X-Wing series. Hell, even Truce at Bakura and Courtship of Princess Leia were better than all of this touchy-feely "should I dabble in the Dark Side or shouldn't I?" Jedi crap. Because they remembered that, y'know, there's more to Star Wars than just Jedi.
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