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Wow. This brings back memories. I distinctly remember watching this on television when I was a kid (16). At the time we didn't think anything was wierd about it, and I remember enjoying it. It seemed quite normal to have a Christmas special with the Star Wars cast since Star Wars was massively popular. Nowadays it's a legend people whisper about in darkened rooms.

Some time later after it premiered, copies of the special were being sold in stores. I remember seeing it for sale on the new (at that time but they never took off) laser discs, Beta-Max and VHS. The stores were playing the show over and over.

I remember standing there in the store watching it over and over. This is the spell Star Wars had on all of us in the 70's. The high point, for me anyways, was the Jefferson Starship segment. It was really a music video, but MTV was a few years off and that term hadn't even been coined yet.

I always wondered what happened to the show, and only recently learned Geroge Lucas has forbidden it's showing commercially. I'm sure there are still some people out there who have copies that can still play. Wouldn't mind watching it again for old times sake. Probably would get a good laugh now though.

Edit: LOL yeah thanks for posting the link OP, didn't see it until now. Yeah this show was pretty bad...but at that time things were different.