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I just came out of a Black Talon run, and it was me, an assassin, and three sorcerers. We had one guy who needed everything, granted i did eventually boot him, but it was til after he needed and won a sabra staff that would have been a nice big upgrade for me. I think the loot system needs to be smarter. I shouldn't be able to roll need on something i can never use.

I wonder if it's possible to fine tune that at all. It's a little ridiculous that anyone can need anything that the OTHER AC can need. At least until we can respec our ACS this needs to be changed.
It's possible he didn't even know he was NEEDING on the stuff. Seriously when the loot dialog comes up its 3 buttons.. NONE say NEED, GREED, or CANCEL.. They all have funky icons and the first few times I ran dungeons I just hit the first button without knowing it was a NEED roll. When I figured it out I gave the loot to who needed it but this is going to be a big problem because the first button is the NEED... then the GREED, then the CANCEL button... all have different icons so its up to the players to figure them out!!!!