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I just came out of a Black Talon run, and it was me, an assassin, and three sorcerers. We had one guy who needed everything, granted i did eventually boot him, but it was til after he needed and won a sabra staff that would have been a nice big upgrade for me. I think the loot system needs to be smarter. I shouldn't be able to roll need on something i can never use.

I wonder if it's possible to fine tune that at all. It's a little ridiculous that anyone can need anything that the OTHER AC can need. At least until we can respec our ACS this needs to be changed.
But I'm going to try and give you an honest response. It's tough to tweak the need/greed/master loot systems unless gear is specified for a certain class only by the devs, and then only that class can roll for it. Unfortunately, because of the mod system in game it makes this even harder to do in SWTOR if an item is moddable. (Because another class "may" be able to mod it and make it useful)

That said, and I'm not trying to be a ****** cause I'm sure it's going to happen to me too, is try to get folks to agree to a master loot system the first time someone need rolls something they obviously cannot use. If they don't agree on it, leave and start over.

Deleted first line due to unintended snarky tone. sorry bout that hehe