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12.15.2011 , 12:23 AM | #25
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not trying to jack your thread but i have the same issue i think - i use the naga mmo mouse with the 12 buttons on the side saem mouse? anyway i have mine set at 500 dpi and the camera is nutz - i came from galaxies where u could toggle the mouse mode - is that not possible in this game? how the hell are you supposed to move around with any accuracy?
I wouldn't consider this jacking my thread, since it's the exact issue I'm having. I have asked in the ticket if there's a way to disable the acceleration, or further lower the sensitivity (even if it's something more advanced like an INI tweak, I'm OK with that.

Here's something interesting I just noticed: I obviously make videos, as you can probably tell from the youtube links and my channel :P....When recording the effect gets about 2x worse than when not recording. It is still too sensitive when running normally, though. This would lead me to believe it may have something to do with CPU usage multiplying the effect of the acceleration or something like that? The only thing that my recording software uses is the CPU and HDD's, that my game isn't even on. So I can't think of anything else.