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Quote: Originally Posted by Hreid View Post
Holy mother of... That is some legendary work love, your style.
xD Thanks a lot Much appreciated :3

Quote: Originally Posted by Ameenachan View Post
You are a goddess.. >_>

Name your price.
Thanks a lot for the compliment
Price ? =) Well I usually name a price depending on the commission itself, details level, ect.
But usually I work in the 100-200$ range ^^ As said, depends on the details involved =)

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Keep at it, you'll get there one day definitely.
Thanks a lot for the kind words
Actually if there wasnt some good writer and musician, most of the art would be a LOT more empty ^^ Besides, I usually need a nice description to work and thats writing too =)
But I know what you mean ^^; My little bro is in the same shoes :P He cant draw really... he sucks at it x) So, as he usually take it, is that he has the brains I have the arm. And sometimes he likes to "borrow" my arm :P xD
So yea, both needed equally Personally I LOVE stories :3 :3