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Other then the story elements does alignment even matter in terms of choices? Will I be hurting my character in anyway?
I would not go so far as to say the effects are super impacting, but there are subtle changes in your personal story...and of course the gear you can use and the affection impact it has on your companions.

While some players do not consider how other players will react, it can be a factor as well. Speaking for myself....if I am on an all lightside character and a Dark Jedi asks me for help...I am less inclined to assist them. Especially if they are playing the character to the nth degree {acting evil and being a jerk}. Granted whom wants to assist any player that acts out?

All in all you will not be ruining a character via the story for going all Dark {for example}...though you are presented with small branches in your story that you can alter and effect future outcomes. A vague example might be opting to kill a certain character in your story...and them not coming to help you later {because they are dead}.

I played mostly lightside on my beta toons, but did experient with a darkside Jedi Knight. In my personal opinion alignment was impacting enough to encourage me to want to make light and dark story runs for all possible toons fully explore the differences.

I used Knight as an example because in my 2 months in beta it was the only class I played all light and all dark with to the same lvl {my main being a full light lvl 50 Sage however}.

So long story will not ruin a character, but may present enough interesting changes worth exploring to give you even more content.