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02.02.2012 , 05:40 AM | #26
The amount of whining and stupid in these threads is overwhelming. Biochem is currently by far the best raiding profession by miles, and will still be after the patch because of the extreme cost effectiveness of reusable stims / adrenals. If you are raiding using adrenals on every boss pull, and you wipe ocasionally because of progression and various bugs you encounter, you are spending hundreds of thousands if not over a million credits a week on consumables currently if you aren't biochem. Even one adrenal a boss pull becomes extremely expensive quickly. It simply isn't sustainable in it's current form.

The nerfs going through are great, and necessary, and anyone who thinks otherwise isn't actually thinking the impact on the game through.

Also, for the record, there will be more nerfs, in the form of a CD on adrenals in bossfights for everyone, so that you aren't forced to bring 4 a fight. As opposed to crying about everything you might be better off making a constructive post listing out the perks that each profession currently has access to and how it could be more clearly leveled out from a pvp / raiding perspective. Just sayin'.