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Actually it took me "quite" a while to learn how to draw like this ^^; I'm self tought for the most part and drawing since '98 more or less. Digitally only 1 and a half years but... yea.
And I'm still learning. It seems I'm still lacking some skills so I could work for a game company for a living x) Still I'm on the right track I guess

Thanks btw ^^
Keep at it, you'll get there one day definitely. Your work is already more impressive than many I've seen, and better than some work I see published in actual books etc.

I don't think I'd ever be able to learn to do it unfortunately. The only two creative bones I have in my body already resonate on a music and creative writing vibe, I don't have any more. Plus I've never been any good at art, which is an eternal pain because I'd love to be able to draw my characters!