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Hello guys =)

Some of you might know me from SWTOR's Fan Art thread before the forum wipe ^^ Or from Deviantart and swtor-rp forums =)

My Deviantart page:

Since, I cant get into contact with most of the people who made a request originally - for the time being - I re-make the request board and include the ones requested while I was on swtor-rp forums ^^

NOTE: I'm open for commissions!

I'll do only character concepts! Means: not full blown illustration with a background. Thats Commission material =) Just for future reference and to avoid misunderstandings ^^ For commission quality check the link at the end of this post ^^

RED - Yet to be started
Orange - In sketch phase
Yellow - Detailing phase
Green - Complete

Request Board:
NOTE: Requests closed for the time being ^^ Not sure when I'll be able to do the ones I'm already accepted XD

1. Raven Klusto (human female Bounty hunter - Powertech) for GamerBabe
Finished Piece - Link
WIP Reel - Link
Face Closeup - Link
2. Alexandria Snow (human female Smuggler - Gunslinger) for ArtemisPrime
Finished piece - Link
WIP reel: Link
Face Closeup -Link
3. Xam Tharl (twi'lek female Smuggler - AC unknown) for AriaV

4. Scott Chain (human male ex-Jedi, Warlord) for Guardian_Scott
5. Matieu Khai (human male Smuggler - Gunslinger) for Matieu
6. Kalbon Branch (human male ex-Jedi Padawan) for Branch
7. Vovnok Okinsawa (zabrak male Trooper - Vanguard) for MasterCrew
8. Darth Imortus (human male Sith Warrior - Jaggernault) for Essenrik
9. Bajoras Turuk (sith pureblood male Sith Warrior - AC unknown) for KDavies
10. A’den Ordo (kiffar male Mandalorian mercenary) for GoodMando/adenordo
11. Devar Tevurune (human male Smuggler/Pirate) for MasterTyvokka
12. Fane (human male Imperial Agent - AC unkown) for Yukub
13. Sav Tevens (human male Trooper - Vanguard) for LaxKnight
14. Marik Vash (Cather(subrace) male Smuggler - Scoundrel) for Natharious
15. Na'sira Lybot (Twi'lek female Sith Inquisitor - Assassin) for ConspicuousTree

Commissions (SW related ^^):

We will prevail! for Voc'khan =)
Finished piece - Link
Closeup on the Sith - Link
WIP reel - Link
Sensitive Matters for Tygerian
Finished Piece - Link
WIP Reel - Link
Ryger (Twi'lek male Jedi Knight - Guardian) for Ryger
Rae -- Pending
Draxus -- Pending
Mudmik -- Pending
Simju -- Pending
Typhon -- Pending
Kaycato -- Pending
Albtraum -- Pending

Gift art:

Banner for Daniteh's stream channel
Finished piece -
1. Website Banner for Eat Sith and Die guild for Godincarnate