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02.02.2012 , 03:17 AM | #11
Its funny you know. You have 2 perks from biochem.

1. You have the best possible stims
2. They are reusable.

Bioware is taking 1 of them away to bring them inline with the others. Artifice have rakata relics that u can chuck an augment slot in, Synthweavers and Armourmech can craft rakata belts and bracers with augment slots.

The thing which makes the other crafting professions so attractive, is you can get these rakata items from a HM flashpoint. You dont have to do a HM Operation and hope that your class' belt / bracers drop and that you get it.

However once you are doing all the HM every week, their perk gets less attractive, because all you get is an augment slot. Once you get gear from raids etc, the only thing you're really spending money on is consumables.

Biochem had it too good for too long, and now that its getting balanced you're having a cry about it.

I lol'd