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02.02.2012 , 03:15 AM | #8
You know the perks of Biochem. You know the perks (lol) of other crew skills. You made a choice not to pick Biochem, so you suffer from having to buy consumables.

I don't see the issue.

As for choice, yes it's fairly obvious what is viable. That can easily be changed if they actually revamped the skill req/BoP items for the other crew skills.

Hell for Artifice or Armstech, perhaps you can make different color crystals available only to them with a higher rating than normal. I could see that selling alone.

For the armor crafters, give them a couple uniform suits or perhaps a method of dying a particular armor, such that the synthweaver could dye his own armor whatever color (provided it's light armor and for force users, etc.)

You know, crap like that. People eat it up.

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