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An meine 2 vorposter, es gibt keine weißen lichtschwerter Ingame. das wurde in einem ewiglangen thread bestätigt, mehrmal.

das was ihr gesehen habt war cyan = hellblau.

Den screen dazu habe ich hinzugefügt.

Originally Posted by StephenReid
Hello everyone, I wanted to clarify a little on our actions here. Here's the biggest question I wanted to address:

Unfortunately the actions of the player in question were intentional and deliberate. As well as the item being removed, further action was taken on this player's account. This was not an 'easy exploit', and not something the average player might 'stumble upon'.

Beyond that, we will not be commenting further - either on the player's method of obtaining the crystal or actions on their account.

Right now, it is not possible to legitimately obtain a White Lightsaber Crystal in the game through any gameplay method. In the future, it will be possible to legitimately obtain. When that day comes, we'll let you know so you can go about obtaining the crystal for your characters.

Again, we apologize for not commenting sooner as our investigation was ongoingin

Leider weis ich nicht wie ich es in gelb quote

Im falle des weißen Kristall hat der deutsche Customer Support leider was falsches gesagt.
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