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02.02.2012 , 02:52 AM | #1
Energized = 126 rating items
Exotech = 136 rating items
Rakata = 140 rating items

But then read this:
Rakata reusable stims and adrenals have been reduced in power, providing buffs equal to Energized stims and adrenals.

What the F*CK bioware? why the fck are u nerfing biochem if you arent nerfing all other professions? Our stims and adrenals take ALLOYS to make just like all other profession's Rakata items.

All the biochems spent money leveling the professions and farming hard modes for alloys like ALL OTHER CREW SKILLS. If ours get nerfed, why arent other crafting profession's "Rakata" BOP armors are staying 140 rating? Nerf those and make them 126 rating armors TOO then

Apparently bioware devs fail at simple math and cannot perceive that 126 =/= 140