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Surprised you have such problem with the Naga.

I use it as well and its working like a charm like it always has been in other Games.
I know that does not help you but it shows that others with same Mouse can Play with no problem.

Hope you find out soon what it is.

I can assure you it's not the mouse. The issue has occurred with 3 different mice now. I suppose it's possible that it's some hardware configuration I have (maybe my overclocked CPU, or maybe the particular video cards I have), but it's definitely not the mouse.

It has something to do with the mouse acceleration on the camera (which Bioware is infamous for putting in all of their games). I would like to just outright disable it, and use raw mouse inputs. Whoever invented mouse acceleration should be taken out to a forest and shot. :P The main reason I'm fairly certain it is mouse acceleration is that the faster I move the mouse, the more drastic the effect becomes.

I searched through all the files and found a .ini file, but it had nothing about mouse controls in it. The issue also seems to change based on several factors. At one minute it's fine, then after strafing if I face another direction quickly, it gets really bad. Other times it's just all around terrible with nothing to associate with it. I've also noticed quite a few times I'll be running along and looking around, then the camera will instantly face the sky or ground, even though I didn't move the mouse up or down...

I'm not 100% certain what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's the software and not my system...otherwise I'd experience the problem in more than one game.

Since the forum CM's insisted on moving my post out of the customer support forums, I have opened an in game ticket. Here's hoping that I actually get a reply.