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Can we stop listening to the whining and leave gear as is... people just want to be handed everything. If you want people to improve maybe give everyone a champ bag if they have a perfect game in alderaan (example). an incentive for improving rather then taking the socialist approach. Gear should mean something. People can get geared in 2-3 weeks easily if they put the time in, and then compete for BM gear through guild premades. 1-49 is fun but gear doesnt matter so PLEASE dont turn 50s bracket into the same.
I agree with this. People need to improve, period, giving them what they want because they refuse to learn and get better is ridiculous.

I came into TOR with ZERO PvP experience, and I'm proud to say I've actually improved a fair bit. 'Bout to get to valor 60, after having played from early access, and I feel like this would be a huge slap into the face to people who worked hard getting there.

What you should do instead is make centurion bags easier to get. I very rarely see people running around in Centurion gear, because getting Champion gear is so damned easy.

As for crafting - cybertech is good, but only until people get PvP gear. I never ever get mod schematics from UWT, and never see them on the GTN. There's also very little documentation of what I can actually make, in terms of both armoring and mods.

In addition to this, getting certain resources is a chore. The price to profit ratio is pretty low.