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I was planning on joining an RP server when i'm able to start playing, and i was wondering where i should go and what i should read to really get into it. I'm planning on making a Zabrak Bounty Hunter, so should i just like, go to star wars wikki and read into Zabraks and Bounty Hunters? I'm a long time Star Wars fan, and i really want to get into this game so any help would be much appreciated

yeah wiki would be a good place to start.Get the basic onfo on the Zabrak culture and basically build a character in your head. figure out what drives them, why they chose their path, what they value, and what kind of person they are. RP in any form is just acting. Just try to put yourself in the shoes of the character you build, and respond to people and situations as you believe that character would.

I would not act just like Fett, as another user suggested.Jengo Fett was Mandalorian, and raised Bobba, so his behavior would not be very similar to a Zabrak. Their cultures are quite different

Hope that helps!