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So as of 43 minutes ago, I've finished the bounty hunter story. To be honest, I am very, very disappointed it didn't go longer! The story was superb, the companions were brilliant, the ship was meh at first, but it grew on me fast, and my voice was amazing. Here's my full review of the Bounty Hunter story, on the light side.

Act I:

Act II:

Act III:

All in all, a truly fabulous story. Act One was brilliant and engaging, Act Two built my character, and Act Three was a fantastical finale. I'm willing to say that if you want to play SWTOR, you MUST try the bounty hunter. It's a class of honor, respect, and you can have a moral compass like no other. Mine pointed straight north, the only time I ever made a cold-blooded kill was in Act III, at the very end, which Mako, strangely, approved of. I feel like I was really a part of the story, and I'm disappointed that it's over. But next on my list is the Imperial Agent, and there'll be no ethical qualms there. Me and Kaliyo are going to take the galaxy by storm, even though we're flying under the radar.

Until next time, folks.
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