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the difference in gear is to high ? I have never seen a game where gear mattered less in my life. Most healers and dps classes are already just as good in end game pve gear. If you nerf pvp gear even slightly it will make pve gear better for pvp period. Can Bioware please hire someone that has actually played an mmo before and knows how they work ? Because clearly you guys have no idea what you are doing.
PvP gear uses expertise, the stat on level 50 starter gear, compared to champion/battlemaster gear is currently too high and has a unfair advantage they want to address that so that skill plays more of a role, then a person who exploited their way to 60 valor, which is why everyone is really complaining, most of these dumb kids who exploited and greifing the **** out of the norm.... Hence an unbalance.... they will remove the expertise a bit and bring it more in line