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02.01.2012 , 08:58 PM | #43
Sentinels don't have belts, do you understand that an entire Advanced class in this game does not have something as simple as an orange BELT?

Do SOMETHING to make artifice and every other profession that isn't BIOCHEM better. I saw the posts about biochem changes, great. so you have one crafting profession out of how many? that people can actually make a living off of by selling consumables.

And seriously WHY must crafters RAID in order to craft items. Stop forcing play styles on people. Some of the BEST crafters in SW:G rarely engaged in combat once reaching max level. They PREFERRED TO CRAFT!

How long are all but Biochem going to be overlooked? You guys seem to be doing a LOT with Biochem, which was the only worthwhile profession in the first place, and nothing with all of the other useless professions.
Dear Bioware, my Birthday is in March > I'd like to see Purple, Gold, and Teal crystals obtainable by all players and the four major play styles by then. The four major play styles are CRAFTING, SOLO, RAID, and PVP.