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02.01.2012 , 08:06 PM | #26
Ok here we go.
The first elevator ride after getting the quest points you to the Upper Office Atrium.
Instead of that, take the High Security Lockdown option.
Your map indicator will reset for the Network Security District at that point.
It astonishes me that bugs like this still exist now in February.
I dont care what people say. This is not a smooth launch.
It's just that nothing is preventing you from getting to 50, albeit an aggravating series of inconveniences along the way, primarily around the map and minimap.
To everyone that feels like flaming me, I don't care. The forums were put up so prematurely before game release that every thought has been expressed a thousand times over, and I don't feel like reading the 1000 prior threads to ensure they aren't an exact match for mine.