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Awesome, the most refreshing info is about the sell-ability of stims. Having to get a specific crafting profession to raid is realy bad. So kudos!

EDIT: on a suggestion note, adding some form of high-end item to crafting that doesnt involve raiding or w/e to aquire would add incentive.

As an example(and before you flame, example and suggestion are two entirely different things) an Armstech could craft a high-end barrel, equal or close to equal to end game quality. Understandably having to many of these would take away the necessity of raiding, so my suggestion is more in line with 1 "item" per profession.

Perhaps this could be chosen by the player, say you can choose 1 out of 4 different schematics for example. This could be held by a quest or something similar. In this scenario however it would have to be BoP, or else you could just combine from different players and get a full "set."
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