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Please tell me why biochem is the only profession you guys are looking into. Seriously, every other profession is so godawful you would be a completely numbskull to choose it over biochem, yet you guys keep tweaking only biochem.

Armormech, synthweaving, armstech are a complete waste of time due to the fact that nothing you get is unique, every recipe you get can get gained as a full drop by doing hard modes or raids, you guys have put little to know effort into the crafting system. This change to remove the armoring from epics AFFECTS CRAFTING IN NO WAY!

Seriously, how is that even put into the profession changes. There are so many problems with crafting. You guys need to dig deeper and try harder.
Please tell me why you totally skipped the entire LAST 2 Paragraph? Why did you only read about what you wanted with out finishing and then post? Why oh why? They are already doing that its in the LAST PARAGRAPH. Were do these people come from.

Why did they change biobhem right now? Obvious because it is the best right now. So they tweak it right now to make it not mandatory and now the biochemist can sell those exotech stims make some cash consumers can buy them and dont have to be bio chem. Now most people wont switch until the other professions are buffed so they are more attractive but they are totally looking into it. Read next time.

TL;DR cause you have a problem with that obviously. Its on schedule for next major content patch which is when genius? March, cause Im sure you didnt see that either smh.