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Great to hear!

Can you also look into the patch that said quests could be deleted not letting quests be deleted?

The patch that said it would fix frame rate lowering frame rate?

The patch that said it would fix "performance issues" adding a new game stopping performance issue?

The patch that said missions recently done by companions would show up on the list right away not doing that at all?

The patch that said companions would not disappear when you get off a speeders not fixing that problem?

The patch that said you would no longer die on taxis not fixing that?

And I guess while we are at it ...

The patch that said it would fix Ilum PVP destroying Ilum PVP?

The patch that said it would make it so operatives could kill people slower making it so they can kill people faster?

And still, the bugs/issues that annoy me the most aren't even in that list.
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