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02.01.2012 , 02:15 PM | #17
Bio also has the greatest earning potential i think.

Every player needs 2 implants every few level. I have been selling tons of these in the 'leveling ranges' for very good coin and almost every single GTH trade i put up is purchased.

I dropped Artiface and have not looked back since.

All Artiface has going is the VERY VERY RARE chance at a pink(magenta crystal) thats recipe is dropped from a world boss in which every single person attending will roll for (even if not artiface), unless you do as a guild in which case the recipe 'belongs' to the guild.

Its also been stated white(the only other rare artiface color so far) is not even obtainable by any legit means, they stated this after that 'guy' apparently expoited to get one and was later banned/supended or whatever.