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12.14.2011 , 11:10 PM | #16
Well to be honest when I purchased SWTOR I was at work and I was so stoked that you could finally buy the product that I registered it on my employers e-mail address because its all I could access from work when I pruchased the game =)

Suppose the moral of the story is dont leave your employer on bad terms so that they close your e-mail account down before you get a chance to remove all your personal stuff.

However having said that part of my problem stems from the issue that I did try atleast 20 seperate times to change the e-mail address my SWTOR account is linked to using account maintenance and I got e-mails in my new e-mail address telling me to verify my new e-mail address by clicking the link but every single time I clicked the link I just got forwarded to a page that said Failed!

Thats why I am ranting now because the customer support wasn't prepared to help me and I was unable to fix the problem myself using the tools they gave us to do it because they didn't work.