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02.01.2012 , 01:42 PM | #107
This is crap, WZ's not counting, a non customize-able UI, group drop everytime you come out of WZ's, a fail gear system for PVP, getting stuck in invisible zones in WZs, Illums broke, cant invite from guild tab, no combat logs, constant late night shutdowns (the times that I play), non drop able quests, a reverse engineering bug that they ignore, trinkets that dont release you from the animation!!!! Ask RIFT what happens when you dont even respond to the PVP community. If WOW is the McDonalds of MMO's then SWOTR is the nasty hotdog stand down the street. Thank god Guild Wars 2 is comming out, youll have my subscription till then and only because its already paid for. At that time when Bioware trys to charge my card my bank will respond "You are not eligible for this conversation"