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Almost all other crafts other than Biochem are lack luster. Sure, there are rare patterns that drop off hard mode/raid bosses and you can make some rakata gear, but everything is bind on pickup. EVEN THE ITEMS YOUR SCHEMATICS MAKE are bind on pick up. This means that even if you get an awesome schematic, you can't sell what you can make from it. You can only make gear for yourself. This makes the end game value of these crafts absolutely worthless. I've already switched from Synthweaving to Biochem because Biochem is so much more versatile. It keeps on giving then entire game. Synthweaving stopped giving after I made my own armor. It was useless to me after that. In order to fix this they need to:

1) Remove the BoP bullsh*t. All that does is make anything you make with high end crew skills worthless. Ooooo, I'm a JK and I got this awesome Consular robe schematic. Too bad I can't wear Consular gear AND I can't sell it either. Soooooooooooooooooo, glad I found this.

2) Increase the number of useful schematics that drop from raid hard mode bosses and MAKE THE SCHEMATICS THEMSELVES BIND ON EQUIP. There's no reason for the schematics to be BoP. At least make them sellable to help the economy.

3) Increase the stats of items you can make with the schematics found on your crew skill trainers in order to make them useful as fillers when waiting for raid gear.

4) Fix RE please. I'm tired of seeing "You already know that schematic". It's such a time sink to get meaningful artifact combinations that by the time I do I've long since collected gear that is better. That's a serious design flaw.
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