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Most of the hardmode content is ok, but for christ's sake: The endboss fight is a total joke. On Rep side almost undoable. (Imp gets favoured by the devs as we all know and the advantage that peefs me in PvP - iE Animation times to apply damage etc - clearly makes it almost a cakewalk in comparison I would imagine) But that is besides the point. The point is this: Who the hell came up with the ill fated idea to have a 2 MINUTE (!!!!) enrage timer on a hardmode boss that is there to gear up for OPS if you need OPS gear to beat the enrage timer?

Look we are not noobs here. We are amongst some of the most experienced MMO players out there and trust me that we know what we are doing. If I cannot beat a boss after 100k repair bill (also who the hell conceived these repair prices btw????????? Belongs fired!)and like 15 wipes and trying everything I say one thing: This is either bugged or total nonsense design.

It's like: It's a hardmode, let's make him hit for 12k with 2 crystals in a row and whack a super-short enrage timer on. That'll do!

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What you need is better and more mechanics not the same **** just 100 levels tougher and with unfairness triumph enrage timers. BioWare this is not fun - this is plain stupid and game breaking for me. An enrage timer belongs to an OPS - NOT IN A HARDMODE!!!
This is just plain rubbish!!!!!

Oh and I cannot await all the trash replies I expect telling me how I suck and we are just bad players and all this crap. No we aren't . But the boss fight designers should steal more from Blizzard tbh. <------And I NEVER thought I would say that, but WoW boss encounters are cool, because hardmodes ADD mechanics not unfairness!!!!!!!!!!!

As it is-I will not progress because I cannot. So I will play another alt up until it is fixed I guess. Oh and just so you know the statements go for almost all hardmodes. We did the False Emperor last night. We actually managed - not sure how but we did. HK-47 was WAYYYYYYYYY too hard and we were just lucky. Then we come to Malgus and he was a lousy pushover. Must have been the easiest encounter I have played on hard. What is the problem with you guys in Austin. This is BETA stuff guys. This is not ready to be let loose on 08/15 players at all.

I went from excited to interested to frustrated to angry to...........thinking of my dollars spent! Not good BW-not good at all. If endgame continues like that I may just leave. <------another thing I never thought I'd say.

P.S.: So we are clear: average gear level of the group around 126!!!!!! O.o Outrageous!
Typical for new generation kiddies, blame the game not yourself for being bad, right?