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The issue that was blocking progression with Kira has been resolved. If you are wondering why Kira is not talking to you please see the spoilers below. Please note, the second spoiler deals with events that occur very far into her storyline, so fair warning.


Above spoiler courtesy of Cadan
This is almost, but not quite true. Kira does have a single dialog mission when she first joins your ship. It's called "Ground Rules".

To unlock "Ground Rules", you must first advance your class plot to the point where you own a ship.

To unlock all future dialogs, you must first advance your class plot beyond the point where they become relevant. This is the case in the above spoiler. It also also the case for future dialogs. Some simply will not happen if your plotline is not sufficiently advanced.

This is not unique to Kira, it applies to all of your companions.

There are two gating factors to unlocking companion dialog:
  • Class plot progression
  • Companion's affection

Either one being insufficient may block additional companion quests.

If your companion has a "let's talk" icon on their portrait but does not say "let's talk" when you click on him/her, the companion has no dialog for you. The bug is graphical in nature and is not related to companion progression. It is in no way related to Kira's original bug. It can happen with any companion.

Many players believe that it is evidence your affection is high enough for another dialog, but your plot progression is not.

I am posting this to answer hundreds of posts resembling these complaints:
  1. I have 10k affection on Taris and Kira won't talk to me! She is still bugged!
  2. I have beaten the game and Kira won't talk to me! She is still bugged!
  3. After I did MISSION X for Kira, she hasn't talked to me again!

Companion missions are designed to appear gradually. If you just left Coruscant and are expecting Kira to abruptly offer ALL of her dialogs, you'll be disappointed. Likewise for ANY companion. It doesn't mean you're bugged.

I do not have a master list of combined plot/affection requirements for Kira (or any companion), which would be spoiler heavy besides. Suffice to say that you should not panic until you have completely advanced the storyline AND maxed your affection.

There is another important fact to realize:

Kira does not have endless dialogs.

At some point, you're finished, just as with the class quests. It doesn't mean you're bugged. I have seen this question frequently asked also.
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