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02.01.2012 , 10:20 AM | #22
Oh and I cannot await all the trash replies I expect telling me how I suck and we are just bad players and all this crap
You couldīve been insightful and come here in a nice and proper manner asking if others were having the same issue and perhaps ask for some help or tactis on how to beat the boss youīre mentioning.

But why take the easy way out, right?

Instead you come here and act like an arrogant fool saying content is not doable. I do agree with you that by having HM and Nightmare modes what should change is mainly mechanics not lower the enrage timer and make bosses have more HP. But thatīs not the point.

besides the way you came out leaves me with no choice but to treat you just the same.

What answer you expect? Yes you probably are a noob and an arrogant one on top of that since I never had any problems with FP HM bosses whatsoever and I can even tell you I find FPīs boring , predictable and yes, somewhat easy. HK47 is easy as ****. Iīm sure at least some others will agree with me.

And yes, Malgus fight is a joke.

And btw:

on a hardmode boss that is there to gear up for OPS if you need OPS gear to beat the enrage timer
Normal Ops are easier than HM FPīs imo.