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Actually, the clock is part of the mob - so basically it is.
I will admit that some of these bosses are a pain - me and my group wiped 4 times on the Taral V end boss and around 4-5 times on the madman with implants inside Maelstrom Prison.

I had assumed I was doing something wrong because my last group I ran with was amazing - I examined my fellow players gear and
Only one of them (My tank friend) actually had 50 epics set in. It completely explained why it was so difficult.

You must be geared for these runs, or else you will die
It's used a lot (in my admitted limited experience) on HM mobs in this game. It seems to be their default creation tool where the last setting on the encounter is.. 'Hmm.. and you 5 minutes!'.

I have ZERO problem with their being a boss or two around that timed if it makes sense in the context of what is happening in the event. Walls are falling around you, it's a bomb you are defusing, etc.

Putting a timer on an encounter 'just because' brings nothing to the encounter and only serves as an artificial limit on people that CAN do the content without issue in 6 minutes but not 5.