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Not true. Our group is perfectly capable of killing the mob - it is down to 5 percent health, nobody is dying and everything is stable.

Suddenly some arbitrary 'timer' kicks in and decides that even though we have no issues with the mob we didn't kill him in 5 minutes so we suck. That is a stupid, arbitrary and ultimately worthless distinction that does nothing to enhance the game.
Arbitrary: Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. So stop saying this word because however the boss is designed an idiots can call it Arbitrary.

You are wrong, they have decided that to defeat this boss a certain average dps is required. This is perfectly acceptable. The way to ensure this factor is to restrict the time thus setting the required damage per SECOND. You are objecting to a gear check? Well thank god we have people so much wisdom they feel they get to decide where the gear checks are. Just so you know, there are micro gear checks throughout the entire game. You just happen to not like this one.

So buck up princess, fix yourself / your team.

Having no difficulty with the mob? No the fight is based on you playing good enough. Which clearly you are not.

Experienced long time mmo players my ***.....
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