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I am fairly annoyed because I had a problem with my original SWTOR account in which I could not access the e-mail address I registered the account on anymore as it belonged to my previous employer and I no longer had access to that e-mail address.

I originally placed my pre-order on the 27th of July 2011 for my original account and I was then told upon the advise of the SWTOR Customer Support group that there was nothing they could do and I would have to cancel my pre-order , create a new account and re-pre order the game. I eventually did this on the 7th of December because after waiting nearly 2 months to get some kind of a reply from them and 4 seperate phone calls to the support centre I had heard nothing yet so I created a new account and repre-ordered the game which landed up costing me even more than originally expected because of the dollar exchange rate .

The least I would have expected would be to get access to the early game based on my original pre-order but once again due to the tardiness of the Customer Support and their inability to reply to customers I now have to wait until tomorrow which is one day less early access than I paid for to be honest.

Could someone from the customer support department please just look at this because I would have been playing on the 13th already if I didn't follow the advise given out to me and followed my original plan of action to have you change the e-mail address on my account which apparently was too much work for you even though I knew all the details of the account including the secret questions.
Might wanna try the customer service forums on this one. But either way... your missing out on maybe a day and 1/2 of early play time if they don't address the issue. If they haven't emailed you back or answered your calls then you know they really don't care about the issue...