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It's obvious the issue here is that you're not as experienced or skilled as you think you are. I personally think HM is too easy and should be made a little more difficult. HM is the end-game of end-game, or it should be. It should be only doable with a well equipped and experienced group, not random PUGs, which is what it is right now. Or at least with a PUG it should be a 50/50 chance to finish it.

There's not challenge in this game. I forgave the 1-50 easy-mode, but HM is a joke. It's not hard at all.
None of which addresses that enrage timers are a worthless system.

I personally don't have the problems he is describing but I'm not willing to simply ignore a bad mechanic that negatively impacts people that CAN do the content if it weren't for a completely made up 'rule' about how fast.