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Enrage timers exist so fights can't be solo'd or done with completely terrible players who afk auto attack or push 1 button. Do you really want to see everyone and their mom decked out in the best raid gear possible because you don't need to be good to get it?

Following mechanics may still be hard for them but pushing as much damage as possible while still avoiding mechanics is what makes PvE hard and seperates the 'Okay' from the 'Good' players.
The terrible players you mention will never make it to the enrage timer - they will be dead way before that.

If you are able to solo the mob - more power to you. Who cares? The chance that you will need the gear if you are a one-man wrecking machine is minimal at best so why would you bother to start with.

Again - maybe it is a difference to what people expect because WoW does it and what I expect because I don't play games that assign arbitrary caps on my progression based on a 'timer of the day'. I can solo anything I want in EQ2 and if I can kill it - I get the reward.. if I can't, I move on.

The game is to kill the mob - not beat the clock.