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02.01.2012 , 09:18 AM | #11
yea i've liked the clone war cartoon so far. it's really good, Star Wars: Underworld sounds like it'll deal with bounty hunters and such. like a side story, i just hope there are jedi in it of course, and Vader. wouldn't it be nice to see vader to some fast saber moves lol... but yea he could do ALOT with the old republic seeing how 3000 years haven't been used yet. and we don't kno how the true sith race was extermnated only that they vanished 1000 yrs prior to the phantom menace. so yea he could something. But GL did say that if he made a sequel trilogy, it would have been just made up. STAR WARS IS MADE UP! so i feel there is something behind George Lucas' claim to the Star Wars franchise, just my opinion.