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Why do people not read? It's not a bug. It's a mechanic so people don't get rewarded for beating outnumbered opponents in a controlled/fair environment.
It is a bug. Stop trying to say it isn't and justify it. Where do you see the devs saying it is intended? Stop pulling crap out of your ***.

People leave warzones all the time. This shouldn't penalize the opposing team.

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If it was a lie, but nope, people can't seem to understand the possibility of there being multiple issues. Not to mention as any programmer will tell you, isolating a bug can take a LONG time because its not always where you expect. If you want to call people liars without looking at all possibilities though and definition of the english language, that's your call. Doesn't make it the right one though. Should the language been more clear? Without a doubt, but I have more doubts about the people who believe they did nothing.

Don't know why I bother... people just don't understand anything about coding, especially when it gets to a massive level. It really doesn't surprise me anymore that it has one of the highest drop out rates out of any field.
There are multiple games out there that have issues like this fixed quick. Bioware is failing at it. Save me the, "multiple issues" crap. They have the people and the bug has been here long enough. It should have been fixed by now. And with all the issues in the game, they probably should not have released it. We are basically paying for an unfinished product.