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If it was a lie, but nope, people can't seem to understand the possibility of there being multiple issues. Not to mention as any programmer will tell you, isolating a bug can take a LONG time because its not always where you expect. If you want to call people liars without looking at all possibilities though and definition of the english language, that's your call. Doesn't make it the right one though. Should the language been more clear? Without a doubt, but I have more doubts about the people who believe they did nothing.

Don't know why I bother... people just don't understand anything about coding, especially when it gets to a massive level. It really doesn't surprise me anymore that it has one of the highest drop out rates out of any field.
I don't thing you understand a lot of coding. If you can't get it to work because the implementation is poor make it work. There is a call when VICTORY is displayed in the Match Statistic at the end.

Hook that call and update the quest. They obviously have other things determinate the update on the Daily / Weekly quest or the initial hook does not work.

But please spare us the "multiple hidden complex detail magic coding".

And to be honest i can't imagine BW devs are incapable to understand the logic layout of a condition to update other variables.

There is QA for that. If there are multiple logic points who could hinder a proper status update you go through ALL of them.
IF there are multiple issues causing this bug you do not work one up which you think is the one which creates the issue- then create patch notes "fixed" just to fail for two updates in a row.

YOU GO THROUGH ALL connected calls and hooks.

You let your car repair because the brakes are failing. A Mechanic should not just exchange one brake and look if the left front is leaking break fluid. And then gives you back the car and says "fixed".

He looks through all four.

The Patch notes are blandly lying or misleading - again.
The bug is still not fixed. Tells a lot about QA.

I don't feel like bashing BW (or the devs) for trying to fix stuff, they sacrifice a lot already and sometimes can't do what they wish due to deadlines. But something in BWs QA needs to change soon.
What, wait - I don't even...