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02.01.2012 , 05:49 AM | #94
It's been talked about numerous times over and over how warzones wins are not being counted. There's been much speculation out there on what the issue may be and what it's not. To be honest it could very well be linked to any of the issues on some sort of back end perhaps; who can really say.

However with that said the issue still remains that Bioware devs have stated twice that the issue was resolved. Now maybe they resolved something else that was causing wins not to count. It is quite plausible that there are multiple things causing the bug or even the sum of them all bring it to fold.

Now with that I also would have to say that a good portion of the community have a "basic" understanding how game design and programming might work and that hammering out crazy bugs and design flaws can be increadibly difficult to solve.

"Cool Bioware I give you that.. NO I'm not some professional progammer and NO I don't get paid big bucks to design some of the trash you industry folk put out.. BUT I do know when things might be getting a little FUBARED in the Dev department.. and miscommunications might be being made..I am playing your game you know"

This overall statement I make for OUR community (not trying to speak for people here) is said with such bravado because of the MANY years MANY of us have with MMO's and gaming in general. We have a failry good understanding of how things work..

Bioware it's in your best interest to KEEP IT REAL when communicating with your community of consumers. When something is afoot and the stench is rising. Don't frackin come on and say its all cheerie blossoms and roses and that we are welcome to prance amongst the meddows without any fear of stepping in dog poo...