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02.01.2012 , 05:32 AM | #93
And they say " We have a lot of ppl working " bla bla bla

I unsub cuz this daily and weekly pvp quests its not fair when you do 8/9 and stop counting forcing you to abandon the quest and take again from 0/0 imagine how many times you need to play in 1 day to finish this quests when you are republic

I can live with any bug or fps i am a Star Wars Fanboy and ex-SWG player but force me remake a quest 3-4 times a day i dont have time to waste

In fact all servers now have low population just 3 servers beat heavy in this way 100% that swtor will be a free game in 6 months

They dont fix bugs and lie for customers is better and more simple make a video in youtube to show how many employers still working in X bug Y bug let the customers know that BW know what bug we are talking about
SWTOR 2 milion LOLOL check real numbers
Waiting for Server Transfer or gw 2