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I don't know if these areas have been changed between the times you guys did it and yesterday or what but there is obviously something I am overlooking. Just to reiterate, there are level 50 droids guarding both entrances to Lab Animals, one direction it is unavoidable, the other you can dance around it but will wade through quite a few golds, silvers and actual players to get to it.

Once you get to it, it's a piece of cake though.
I don't remember any 50s on the "safe" route in. They weren't really a threat.

Other players and getting flagged? Well, the bonus series *is* one of the big crossover points between the two factions (and was even more when it came before Tat). But you can pop safely into the instance quickly after beating the not-very-tough ramp guards, and if you're trying to *drive* your way out afterwards instead of QTing... why are you doing that!?
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