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Don't know why I bother... people just don't understand anything about coding, especially when it gets to a massive level. It really doesn't surprise me anymore that it has one of the highest drop out rates out of any field.
Thats just so funny, I can't understand tbh if this guy is trolling as a BW employee, or is actually that much of a no critical thinking consumer...

Lets start with an example...lets say you work in a software company and you create a project, then you give it to the client and they call you for support. You go there, try to fix it and tell them its done. What you think will happen when they will call you again???

Similarly, its a company...its employees are getting paid to do their work. They are getting paid...and WE as consumers pay the company money to play this game. WHEN something doesn't work they HAVE to fix it. Having it not fixed and despite that saying its fixed is LOL.

ALSO saying that their employees don't do their job, is even more hilarious since it embarashes the internal mechanics of BW company as it runs. Employees not doing their job is one thing, testing part DIDN'T test it and saw it comming also?

Comeone...thats super funny. Unless you like to write spaggeti code and not in a formal OOP way, then you had it comming.